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    My name Is Allen and I started trading in 2014 and like everyone else who first starts I didn't know anything about the stock market. Being a hands on person I just jumped right in and began trading. I watched and read tons of articles scattered across the Internet filled with information constantly contradicting itself. I learned all of my lessons the hard way, with trial and error. After figuring out a system that worked for me, I decided that I wanted to create a site where I can share my strategies and log my trading experience.

     I'm not here to tell you that I have some secrete formula or a single pattern that works 100% of the time. But I will tell you that these things you're looking for do not exist, and most traders are bankrupt before they even realize they are being scammed by a "FURU" (Fake Guru). My number one recommendation is to stay away from any paid services, especially those who offer "Buy Alerts" as these will almost always lead to a loss of capital and a "FURU" dumping their shares onto you.

     I've come to realize that being profitable in the market doesn't come from having the perfect strategy, but comes from having an understanding of how the markets work and implementing a set of rules to protect yourself. EatSleepTrade will never be used to try and promote myself or claim that I am some "Master" stock trader. I simply want to share my journey in hopes of not only bettering my own trading but helping others reach their goals as well. I strive every single day to continue my journey as a trader and learn as much as I can. Always feel free to reach out with any questions you may ever had and I will always give my best honest answer.


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Eat Sleep Trade

 Technical Analysis Through Charts

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