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My Swing Trading Strategies

Swing Trading Strategies don't need to be complicated to be successful. I firmly believe that over complicating a strategy will only lead to failure, frustration, and inconsistency. It's best to stick with a K.I.S.S plan when it comes to trading "Keep It Simple Stupid".  Lets take a look at some of the guidelines we use to help us on our path to profitability. 


1. Scanning - First we need to find stocks to trade. 


2. Chart Patterns - Identify high probability chart setups.


3. Entry - Executing the proper entry with a good risk vs reward. 


4. Exit - Scaling out of a position will maximize profits.

How To Scan For Winning Stocks

There are thousands of Stocks to choose from and there isn't enough time to search through all of them. There are also a lot of stocks that are horrible trading vehicles including stocks that are trading none to little volume.  We use a Scanner or Screener to narrow down the selection of stocks we see and only show us ones that meet our specific criteria. 


Take a look at how I find the stocks I trade, and learn how to use a stock screener.


Swing Trading Chart Patterns:

Chart patterns can offer great opportunities for longer term and short term swing traders. At first chart patterns can be hard to recongnize, but with continued practice you can easily spot them . Trading does not have to be restricted to only trading chart patterns but they do offer a good risk vs reward and decent breakout potential. Let's take a look at a the following chart patterns. 


Bull Flag, Head and shoulders, Wedge, Triangles, Cup & Handle and more chart patterns.


Finding The Proper Entry:

Getting the Proper Entry is a major part of becoming a successful trader. Buying a stock is just as important as selling one and if you're not buying at the proper time your adding on stress and decreasing your chances of success. Always remember to use Limit Order when buying shares, this will guarantee your purchase price. "Market orders are for suckers, and market makers take advantage of suckers every chance they get."


Let's find the proper stock entry to eliminate emotions and gain a positive risk vs reward.

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