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Swing Trading Watchlist

& Market Update

Check out our Watchlists that we compose each and every week. Our Watchlist will contain high probability Stock plays that present multiple buying and profit taking opportunities. We like to focus on low risk, high reward Chart setups that have a positive amount of Relative Volume after a nice consolidation period. We love to Trade Charts from Sectors that are performing really well on a 1-3 month time frame. Need help composing your own Watchlist? Click Here to check out our Lessons Page to learn how to run scans and see how we find all the Stocks we put in our Watchlists! Trade safe and good luck to all of you. Please understand that my typical plan is a 1-5 day hold. ALWAYS lock in profits especially on breakout days I can't stress this enough! A Watchlist is NOT a "Buy List".

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 7-24-17

SPX is back at it again hitting new all time highs. We now have a resistance turns support area that we will want to hold during any pull backs or consolidations. It is that time again to start putting your favorite pot stocks back on to watch. 

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

$AMRN -  Beatiful wedge pattern forming and looking for a

breakout to the top side. 

$BOX - Nice flag setting up after coming out of a wedge pattern.

Looking a continue move higher towards 20.50's

$CC - We have finally formed a decent cup & handle and are

consolidating right under our Resistance area. Keep a close eye on

one of out favorites. 

$GSAT - Another great wedge pattern forming so we will keep a

close eye on this one. 

$MYGN - Been on the top watchlist for a few weeks and and it is

coming up on some major support near its 50 day sma and a

resistance turns support area.

$PURA - Recently acquired some new pot grows so they can expand their company. It is that time of year again where pot stocks become top watch. ​

$SPWR - Beatiful flag setup and falls into the solar category which has been red hot.

$VIAV - Peaking out of a strong resistance area and good relative volume. Let's see if it can continue into Monday. 

$VRX - Nearing its 20day sma and coming off two large breakout runs. This one is looking primed for its next leg higher. 

$WTW - Straight up all of 2017 wand watching this potential flag breakout.

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 2-20-17

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

SPX rallied back to new highs last week and looks really strong going into next week. There are finally a lot of potential plays from breakouts to pull backs. There is still some strong sector performance in Financial and Conglomerates.

     While the market maybe seem a big extended here I think it has another push higher coming. We closed strong Friday at the prior high set Wednesday.

$AEL - Strong earnings report and making a bull flag

around 27.30's

$AGEN - Just recently had a large relative volume day

and that is enough to put it on radar. Strong close Friday.

$AMD - Just had a huge breakout over 12.50 and tested

14.00. It's now pulling back and nearing 20 day support. 

$ARNC - Recent IPO we added a couple weeks back and

has since gone straight up. LF move through 30.00/

$ASB - Nice breakout pull back setup holding its 20 day

sma. LF move through 26.50

$CLF - Flagging up and I like the doji candle. If that low holds will give us a great risk vs reward.

$GNRT - Setting up a trend reversal LF move over 5.00.

$GSAT - Forming a nice pennant or flag formation from its most recent run.

LF 20 day to remain above 50 day.

$HDSN - Beatiful wedge forming a breakout could lead to a move through 8.50

and towards 9.00

$HK - Recent reverse split and big relative volume. Signs of a major breakout to


$HSC - Coming out of a consolidation with a breakout pull back. Great risk vs

reward with strong support with 20 and 50 day sma.

$INN - Ascending triangle pattern. Recent relative volume.

$MYGN - Strong relative volume gap to fill towards 19.40's.

$OCLR - Nice flag break over 11.00 good volume LF continuation.

$S - Holding 20 day sma with good volume. Could be set up for a move towards 10.00

$TECK - LF 21.00 to hold to add to our position. 1st target 24.00.

$VIAV - Beautiful flag forming LF continuation through 10.80 - 11.00

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 1-17-16

$SPX is still holding our up trend and remains above our 20 day sma. Both are positive signs. We have developed a strong resistance around 2280 and that is going to be the area to get above.

     There been some good relative strength in Copper and Aluminum so look for some chart setups from those two sectors.

     Inauguration day is this week and I think it will start a big market rally. There has already been big talk from big business on expanding and creating infrastructure here in the U.S.  

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

$AEL - Nice break through 23.25 resostamce hholding the 20 day sma well. LF continuation,

$ASB - Consolidating under 25.40's. LF nice move with good volume through.

$KATE - Watching the flag setup and 20 day sma as it creeps up.

$KBH - Nice wedge forming and want to see this start its next move higher.

$MU - Earnings gapper on a nice pull back and near 20 day sma support.

$OZM - Nice inverted head and shoulder pattern. LF 50 and 20 day sma to hold.

$REN - LF breakout above 43.30's

$TTMI - strong trend and testing 14.60 resistance arean multi top and looking  for breakout.

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 1-3-16

$SPX One thing we've mentioned over and over is the possibility of large sell off to start the new year. Something similar to Jan. 2016. Of course we don't know for sure if that is going to happen but we have been given some clues.

     We have snapped below our 20 day sma which immediately warrants caution. On top of losing our 20 day sma we are also testing our 5 month uptrend line again. Even though we have seen before that a break down can reclaim, it is always nice to stay above. 

     I really major support area is 2200. It was the new high breakout and large whole number. Also near by is the 50 day sma. 


S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

$AEL - Nearing 20 day sma and want to see if we can hold that as support. 

$ATW - Another one near its 20 day sma and even traded large relative volume Friday.

$CLVS - Making a nice flag and pulling back.  20 day sma support below. 

$GSAT - Nice momentum play that could catch a nice short squeeze.

$NXTM - Watching 26.00-26.20 area for a breakout. 

$NYRT - Testing a major resistance area around 10.00

$SEAS - Setting up a nice pull back to 20 day sma. 

$STAG - Breaking above a set of lower highs. LF move over 24.00

$WTW - Momentum play on watch for possible short squeeze. 

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