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Swing Trading Watchlist

& Market Update

Check out our Watchlists that we compose each and every week. Our Watchlist will contain high probability Stock plays that present multiple buying and profit taking opportunities. We like to focus on low risk, high reward Chart setups that have a positive amount of Relative Volume after a nice consolidation period. We love to Trade Charts from Sectors that are performing really well on a 1-3 month time frame. Need help composing your own Watchlist? Click Here to check out our Lessons Page to learn how to run scans and see how we find all the Stocks we put in our Watchlists! Trade safe and good luck to all of you. Please understand that my typical plan is a 1-5 day hold. ALWAYS lock in profits especially on breakout days I can't stress this enough! A Watchlist is NOT a "Buy List".

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 12-19-16

$SPX FED has gone ahead and raised interest rates by .25% on Wednesday just as we suspected. We haven't seen much panic yet and I don't think we will. However you should stay vigilant because panic can come at any moment and happen fast, usually when no one expects it.

     Last week market just pulled back and consolidated as everyone waited for the FED announcement. The fact we got a small raise and no market selling is a good sign. Watching our trend we reclaimed and looking for it to hold as support along with the 20 day sma. There is big volume coming into the markets and im leaning to BULLISH. As always stay safe and disciplined. 

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

$AINV - 6.25 major resistance, ascending triangle. Good volume Friday looks ready to go.

$HK - Like the wedge forming on the bottom with good volume, trend reversal and

reverse split in Sept.

$INVN - Huge move back on 12/9 and now looking for a flag to form. 

$NXTM - LF move over 26.00 and then through 26.25

$NYRT - Inverted hammer with good volume says reversal. LF move back towards 10.00

$OCLR - Beautiful wedge forming and big volume.

$PEI - Bottom wedge with good volume. Strong resistance 21.00

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 11-28-16

$SPX It's official the S&P 500 has rallied to new all time highs. Thanks giving week turned out to be an absolutely beast week. Not only did we rally to new highs, but we have reclaimed our previous up trend line. 

     The 20 day sma has officially crossed above the 50 day sma. While this does signal a new up trend. That trend can reverse at any point, so keep that in mind. We want to see 20 day sma continue higher and remain above the 50 day sma.

     With getting above the most recent resistance area around 2190-2200 we will want to see that area turns to support on a market pull back. This gives the strongest confirmation of a strong up trend. 

     While the market is up a lot and first thought is a pull back, understand that the market is not over extended when looking at its previous prices. As we are barely above our prior all time high of 2193.

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

Reclaiming The Up Trend

$AINV - Top watch carry over from last week with the strong move Friday to 6.20's LF a continuation into next week.

$AMD - One of our favorites and putting in another beautiful flag that looks primed to breakout at any moment.

$AMRN - Just recently tested that multi top resistance at 3.50's. Putting in a nice flag

and worth a close watch.

$ATW - Peeking out of our wedge, want to see if we will put in another higher low for

continuation through 9.00

$LNTH - Ascending triangle pattern, nice multi top resistance at 10.00. 

$MACK - Watching this pull back to see if we can gain steam back above 6.50's

$OCLR - Another favorite and another beautiful flag. A top watch into next week.

$REN - Incredibly strong trend and flagging now around 32.50

$ZUMZ - LF breakout over 25.25. Solid 4 month up trend.

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 11-21-16

S&P 500

Daily Chart

S&P 500

Daily Chart

$SPX Continues to show strength last week, just as we suspected. We are currently grinding up the bottom side of our most recent up trend line. Market is only a sight rally away from making new highs and I think we have a good shot at new highs this week coming up. I am still thinking that we will see a decent really into the end of year and a market sell off to start 2017. 

     2200 is the target for the SPX and that will put us to new highs. The 20 day sma is curving up and close to crossing back above the 50 day sma, Our 50 day sma is also curving up. There has been great buying volume and tons of stocks breaking out on multi day runners.

     The SPX is currently sitting at a strong resistance area, so a consolidation or pullback is not unwarranted. If we do start to see a pull back it would be mandatory that our 20 and 50 day sma hold up as support. We also wants to see the recent set of lower highs resistance that we broke above start to act as support, as a broken resistance should act as support. 

"Trade what is happening,

not what you think should happen."

$AINV - Nice wedge forming as range tightens and putting in a higher low above 20 and 50 day sma's. 20 day sma is currently sitting above the 50day sma which can signal an uptrend. LF a move over 6.10 with volume.

$ATW - The wedge pattern continues to form as we confirm a higher low. Volume is increasing, look for range to tighten and a move out of this wedge.

$BOX - 14.50 support has been reclaimed and are breakout of a solid consolidation.

LF continuation into next week towards 16.50's

$CLF - Back on radar as we move above our current channel. Making a solid flag and

looking for the break to the top side. 

$FSC - Nice  trend reversal pattern with good volume and buyers stepping in.

LF move over 5.70's

$HSC - Picture perfect bull flag and looking for continuation move over 12.50's

$KBH - With home building showing strength, KB Home has a beautiful cup and handle

setup for a nice trend reversal. LF it to hold 15.00 as support.

$MU - Finally making that breakout move over 18.00. Currently consolidating under 19.30's to give a great risk vs reward for a move up towards 22.00

$NXTM - Breaking out of the current channel and putting a nice flag in.

$SEAS - Big volume and a nice move after earnings. Consolidating nicely around 17.00 and waiting to see if we start a next leg up. 

$TPC - Just had a huge breakout over 25.75 major resistance area to new 52 week highs. We have now pull back to resistance turns support and looking for a move back towards 30.00

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 11-14-16

$SPX This is one of those times where you have to "trade what's happening and not what you think will happen". The SPX has done a complete turnaround after Trump was elected president in an overall upset. Did Trump just save the stock market? The answer at this time is yes.

     SPX has broken out of its set of lower highs. Not only was it able to hold those gains but it ramped up on big volume. While even I remain skeptical it's important to just trade what we see happening and not what we think. We currently have a nice Bull Flag pattern and the market looks set to make another squeeze and a huge breakout to new highs. 

     While we still need to see a 20day sma cross above the 50 day to confirm a continued trend. At this time it looks to be setting up for that cross. 2190-2200 will be a key resistance area in the upcoming week if the market rally continues.

Strong Sectors: Financial and Idustrial Goods

$SPX Daily Chart

$ATW - Nice bottom forming a higher low with good relative volume. LF 20 day sma to bounce off 50day sma and head to the top of this wedge pattern.

$BOX - Reclaiming 14.50 support. LF move back towards that support followed by a move towards 15.50

$CC - Flagging out after a nice earnings gap. LF that move over 22.00.

$EXAS - Nice bottom bounce idea consolidating just under 17.70. LF a nice breakout

with good volume. Also great short interest.


$HDSN - Just had a nice breakout Friday over 7.00. See if we can get a dip back to

7.00 and a follow through breakout.


$LNTH -  Ascending triangle forming and LF a strong breakout over 10.00. Great

relative Volume. 

$MACK - Continues to be on top watch and we have broken the wedge pattern and

look to breakout of the current flag.

$NXTM - Breakout out over 26.00 resistance area and heading to new 52 week highs. 

$REN - Worked out nice from the bottom bounce idea and now looking for a wedge

pattern to form. 

$S - Attempting that 7.00 breakout and looks primed for a big move. 

$TCK - Large hammer candle with big relative volume. LF a breakout over 23.00.

$VIAV - Consolidating nicely under 7.80. May need more consolidation but looking for that 7.80 breakout. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 10-31-16

$SPX Nothing has really changed since last week. We remain below our broken trend line with increased selling volume. It currently feels like we are about to lose our 2120 support area. 2100 looks like it is right around the corner.

     The 20 day sma remains below the 50day sma and begins to act as resistance. We have lost our trend, and failed to put in a higher high. Things are not looking good for the overall markets. 

     Capital protection is key in this market environment. Aggressive trading and new positions are not recommended. Focus on managing your current positions.

Strong Sectors: Financial and Technology

$SPX Daily Chart

$AEL - Still looking for that solid channel breakout over 18.25's

$ACCO - Nice earning breakout and now pulling back to 11.00. Looking for 11.00 to hold and a move back towards 11.60's+

$AMD - Unable to hold up around 7.50's. Would like to see it hold above 7.00 and

eventually move back towards that 7.50-8.00

$BOX - Lf it to hold 14.50 support. Break below 14.50's will ruin idea. 

$CC - Got caught on a fake break on Thursday but Friday gave that 17.00 breakout.

Watching for continuation as we near IPO prices.

$CENX - Another fake break that caught us. Broken trend turning to support want to

see if we break back above 7.50

$EXAS - Over sold RSI and potential bottom bounce setup with nice inverted hammer


$SM - Returning once against to a solid trend line support. LF a reversal off this trend.

$GRAM - Nice whip saw action towards 8.00 to clear stops, decent volume , and ready to head higher. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 10-24-16

$SPX Nothing has really changed since last week. We remain below our broken trend line with increased selling volume. Breaking below the 2125 and 2100 support areas could lead to a larger sell off back towards 2000.

     The 20 day sma remains below the 50day sma and begins to act as resistance. We have lost our trend, and failed to put in a higher high. Things are not looking good for the overall markets. 

     Capital protection is key in this market environment. Aggressive trading and new positions are not recommended. Focus on managing your current positions.

Strong Sectors: Basic Materials, Conglomerates

$SPX Daily Chart

$AKS - Coming out of a nice wedge pattern and breakout above a prior high on increasing volume. LF continuation and a pull back to that 5.20 area where resistance turns support.

$ALJ -Still holding that trend line and a nice increase of volume. Continued volume on Monday could give a good entry. 

$AMD - Great earnings report but still managed to sell off pretty good. As mentions earnings are 50/50 gamble. Good earnings does not mean guaranteed breakout. LF 6.50 to hold as support as their has been a lot of buying keeping it above that area. 

$CC - Made a nice move to 17.00 off last weeks idea. Patiently wait for another pull back. 

$CPPL - 20 day moving average has caught up to price. Time for this one to make a

decision. Close watch into next week for that move over 16.40's

$EZPW - Want to hold 10.50 and start making a move towards 11.00

$FH - Reaching 20 day support and may look to rebuild our current position here. Then

will look for a move back towards 4.00

$GRAM - Got the close over 8.40 we were looking for last week. Should start to see this

one more higher now. 

$LTEA - Good volume buying and making a move over previous highs. Watch for

continuation Monday and increasing volume. 

$NXTM - Looking for this base to hold and confirmation that a Cup and Handle pattern will form.


$ZUMZ - Still holding up above that 22.00. Waiting to see if volume comes back in for a next move higher.  

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 10-17-16

$SPX We continue to watch our most recent set of lower highs and current resistance area we talked about in this weeks video. We have now broken below our long term uptrend and were unable to get back above it. Right now the markets are looking like they want to make a move down towards 2100.

     The 20 day sma remains below the 50day sma and begins to act as resistance. We have lost our trend, and failed to put in a higher high. Things are not looking good for the overall markets. 

     Capital protection is key in this market environment. Aggressive trading and new positions are not recommended. Focus on managing your current positions.

Strong Sectors:

$SPX Daily Chart

$ALJ - Nice wedge formation and holding a current up trend. LF oil strength and a possible move back towards $9.80's

$CC - Made a nice pull back with the market weakness. LF a hold of $15.00 and move back towards $16.50's

$CPPL - Still consolidation under $16.40's. 20day sma is catching up to current price levels offering a good risk guidance for a breakout play over $16.40's

$EZPW - Nice breakout over $15.50 and now a great pull back to $15.00. LF move

back towards 11.30's

$FH Big Breakout on Friday with good relative volume. LF some continuation into


$GRAM - Forming a nice wedge with range tightening. LF a move back over $8.40's

and back towards $8.70's highs

$S - Chart has been working out from previous watchlist and now closing strong

above $7.00 with good volume. LF continuation.

$URBN - Big earnings gapper and since made a nice consolidation of lower highs.

Had a nice breakout and has since pulled back offering a great risk vs reward.

$WIN - Finally had its first green day in 8 straight trading days. LF a move back

towards top of its current price channel. Recent $9.00 PT

$ZUMZ - Pulled back to $22.00 and help it as support. LF more consolidation and for it to continue to hold $22.00 major support area. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 10-10-16

$SPX Not a lot to report on the S&P 500 as markets continue to be choppy and unpredictable. With no general market direction it is making it difficult on traders alike. Remember to not over trade, keep a smaller positions size, and a tighter risk in these bad market conditions.

   We continue to watch our most recent set of lower highs and our longer term uptrend. One of these area will need to be broken before we can determine a market direction.  

Strong Sectors: Technology

$SPX Daily Chart

$AMD - Breaking out of its recent consolidation and LF a move back up and through 7.00

$CBB - Recent reverse split and now looking to hold 19,00 support area as we trade good relative volume.

$CPPL - Recent breakout of a wedge pattern and holding just below 16.40's. LF more

high relative volume to come in for the next breakout over 16.40's

$FOLD - Another one that just recently came out of a wedge pattern and has now

pull backed and held the current up trend line. LF move back towards 8.30's

$HALO - Great looking bull flag setting up. First resistance at 12.80's.

$MU - ascending triangle pattern similar to $SYMC. Holding the 20 day sma and LF

a breakout move over 18.00.

$RUN - Just had a big volume breakout over 6.30's Resistance on good volume and

LF continuation into next week. 

$URBN - Breaking out towards the end of last week of the current pull back

consolidation after a power earnings gap.

$WIN - Selling off for the last two weeks and nearing a bottom channel support. LF a reversal off that support and move back towards top channel.

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 10-3-16

$SPX Has remained inside the range between 2170 down to 2120 created back on Sept. 9 when we had our first major sell off. It still seems as though we could be putting in more lower highs. However at the same time we are also putting in higher lows as we consolidate in this range. 

     We are currently sitting above the 20day and 50day sma and had some nice buying volume on Friday. Right now we continue to watch for a break over the current set of lower highs.

     There are some great chart setups going into this week but we are still in a cautious trading market. The $SPX has still not confirmed a general direction and may not with elections coming up.

Strong Sectors: Technology

$SPX Daily Chart

$ACCO - Beautiful falling wedge with high relative volume on Friday. Great risk vs reward setup.

$CLVS - Remaining strong from FDA approval news and now pulling back to 36.00

support area. 

$CZR - LF bottom bounce play as we sit just above our 20 day and 50 day sma. Decent

volume with positive look on bankruptcy.

$ETSY - Coming off a nice pull back and looking for a move back towards 15.70 highs

$EXAS - Bouncing off 17.80 support area again and looking for a move back towards


$FOLD - Pulled back to its up trend line after a nice wedge breakout. LF trend to hold

and a move back towards 8.50

$HALO - LF 12.00 to hold as support on this pull back and a move back towards

12.50's +. Nice relative volume on Friday.

$NYLD - Long term consolidation that is now testing the up trend line. LF it to hold trend and 16.70's support area and begin to make a move back towards 18.60's

$RUN - LF a clean breakout over 6.30. Tight range day with good volume giving a great risk vs reward entry. 

$SM - Energy sector is strong and this one had a great ramp last week. LF a pull back / Bull flag to form for a trade setup. 

$SYMC - Nice ascending triangle formed at the top here. LF breakout with volume to the top side of 25.35's

$VNDA - Had a nice test to 16.50's and has since pulled back. LF volume and a move back towards 18.00

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 9-26-16

$SPX had a nice a pop on Wednesday to really get this going as feds decided not to raise interest rates as expected. $SPX was able to reclaim the 20day and 50 day sma by the end of trading on Thursday. However a slight pull back and inside day lower closed us below the 50 day sma to end the week on Friday. 

     There is an obvious set of lower highs to watch now and any type of break to the top side of this consolidation will be considered bullish on my end.

     There are a lot of good setups going into next week and I am excited to get some more positions going. It is not confirmed that we are in the "cear" so I will dipping into the market a little at a time and increasing as I feel we gain consistency and less volatility.  

Strong Sectors: Technology and Healthcare

S&P 500 Stock Market Update

$SPX Daily Chart

$AEL - Just broke above a strong resistance at 17.00 Consolidating nicely and watching for a move back over 18.00 and a hold of our 20day sma.

$CZR - Big volume breakout worth putting on the watch. Nice inside day Friday

giving a tight range. Wouldn't mind a few more days to consolidate before next


$HALO - Beautiful breakout pull back setup. Need 12.00 to hold as a support as we

begin to make a move back towards 12.50 

$IDRA - Just had a nice parabolic run on good volume and is creating a nice bull flag.

LF a nice push through 3.00

$MACK - We mentioned this for a possible trend reversal and what a breakout it had.

It's now putting in a nice flag and looking for volume and momentum above 6.00

and through 6.50

$NIHD - Trend reversal continues here and we are in a nice tight consolidation

after our last big breakout. Holding the 20day sma and ready for a next leg higher

towards 3.90's

$PTCT - Strong bullish chart with 20 and 50 day sma both trending up. Good amount of the float is short and has potential for a large breakout above 11.80's. Next major resistance not until 16.30

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 9-19-16

$SPX had a sizable gap and ended with a large red candle Friday Sept. 9th, leaving the market looking poised for more sell off. I wasn't trying to start any new swing longs in that type of market environment. Things haven't gotten any worse than that Friday, but they also haven't gotten any better.

     Current support is 2120 and if we hold that up I'm willing to dip into the markets as I see a lot of potential setups. Our 20 day sma is crossing below the 50 day sma and we are getting close to testing the current uptrend and a MAJOR support at 2100.

     I still feel we can have some more down side especiallly to 2100. Cautious trading continues with smaller size and tighter stops. It's been an above average summer and there is no reason to give that back.  

Strong Sectors: 

$SPX Daily Chart

$S - Holding up well in the weak markets. Making a nice consolidation after its last breakout. On close watch for a move back towards $7.00

$TCK - LF entry near 18.00 risking just below that and an opportunity to get to 18.50+

$EXAS - Nice consolidation as 17.80-18.00 resistance turns support off this pull back.

LF breakout of these lower highs and a move back towards 22.50

$CBB - Traded this a while back for a 4.00 breakout. It's managed to pull back to

4.00 and ill be interested if we see this hold as support and set us up for a move

back towards 50day sma and 4.50 area. 

$HCLP - Just had a nice breakout of 14.00 and we again have pulled back to the 14.00

area where prior resistance turns support. A common theme among our watchlist

this week. LF 14.00 to hold and a move back towards 16.00

$GBT - Coming off a nice bottoming base and finally broke above 22.50 with good

Volume. LF continuation into Monday with our next resistance area around 26.75

$CYS - Nice trending stock forming a decent wedge during market pullback. Need 20 day sma to remain above the 50day sma and LF a move back towards 9.20

$FOLD - Another nice potential wedge setup that is breaking out. Nice volume Friday and LF a continuation breakout into Monday. 

$HALO - Big volume Friday and testing a major resistance area at 12.00. LF continuation Monday or some consolidation just below 12.00 for entry. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 9-6-16

$SPX Struggles to get back above the 20day sma. We've managed to hold the 50day sma and our 2160 support area for another week. Indecision fills

the market and a general direction has not been chosen.

     $SPX currently remains in a channel between 2160 support area and the 2190 resistance area. One of these areas will have to give before a market direction can be decided. 

     For now trade smaller and with a tighter risk. Prepare for failed breakouts and bull traps. Never get caught with a bag in a bear market. 

      Strong Sectors: Technology. Financial, and Consumer Goods.

$SPX Daily Chart

$ARI - Putting in a nice set of higher lows and again testing this resistance area at 16.75's. Good relative volume on Thursday and Friday. LF a breakout over 16.75

$TIVO - LF a hold above the 11.00 resistance that was just recently closed above.

Good volume Friday. 

$OZM - Putting in a nice bottom and holding it's 20day sma. LF that 20 day to

continue to hold and a move back towards 4.20's

$EXAS - returning to a major support area at 17.80's. Looking to see if we start to

get a reversal off that 17.80's area. 

$MYCC - Testing top channel resistance at 15.00 LF a breakout through resistance

and out of its current channel. 

$ROVI - Been holding the 20day sma consistently. Good volume Thursday and

Friday and looking for a move through resistance at prior highs around 21.85's

$AMD - LF 20 day sma to continue to hold as well as our support area around 7.15 nice consolidation and LF move towards 8.00

$OCLR - Nailed breakout over 7.50 resistance. Will set trailing stop for this one. 

$S - Took an end of day buy as we closed above prior high at 6.35. Decent volume and LF continuation into new highs. 

$SVU - Another one we took near end of day as we closed strong above 5.55 resistance area. Huge volume a few days back trading 40 million shares. Reminder of $CC

$TCK - Still holding its 20 day sma like a champ however it is also currently struggling to stay above 17.00 resistance. Using 20 day sma to guide me on this one. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 8-29-16

$SPX Not all is lost but we have broken down below the 20day sma and our 2175 support area. It was a tough week for swings and had I payed more attention to $SPX I would have traded less. Friday looked like it was going to be a rally, however it was not able to hold. 

     Not all is broken and lost as we look at 2160 for a strong support area and the 50day sma down below around 2145. Keep in mind the weakness in the markets if you decide to open some new swing positions this week. Remember we want to stack as many odds in our favor as we can including overall market strength.

      Strong Sectors: Basic Materials and Technology.

$SPX Daily Chart

$CLVS - Big volume. big breakout, and big news. Stays on watch for flag break and potential short squeeze. This stock moves big range so make sure your factoring that into your risk. 

$DV - Just had a huge breakout through 23.00 LF this chart to hold the 20day sma

around 23.00 as support. Resistance turns support offers the best Risk vs Reward

setup out there. LF a move back up to 26.40 resistance.

$FRGI - Nice looking bottom setup with a gap to fill above 28.50 resistance.

LF a trend reversal setup and a move through 25.50's

$NR - Great up trending chart with a nice flag pattern. 20 day and 50 day sma

trending nicely with each other. 

$TTMI - Big picture cup & handle. LF that breakout move through 10.70's

$AMD - Breakout pulled back to prior resistance. LF move back towards 8.00. Good

volume Friday. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 8-22-16

$SPX Continues to consolidate just above the 20 day sma and the 2175 support area. Not a lot to mention here except that we are still holding trend and the $SPX has not decided which direction it is going to continue in. 

     There continues to be strong summer trading and lots of opportunities within our watchlists. I'd like to see momentum continue and in the small cap world. Conglomerates and Technology remain the top performing sectors. 

      Strong Sectors: Conglomerates and Technology.

$SPX Daily Chart

Swing Trading, Market Update, SPX,

$OZM - Coming off a nice base and looking like it wants a trend reversal. Want to see 20 day sma cross above 50 day sma and move up to 4.50's

$ONVO - Stalking for a our second trade here. LF a reversal bounce off the 50 day sma and 4.00 support area. First resistance if we get a reversal will be 4.35's


$TTMI -  Nice up trending chart ready to make new 52 week highs. Currently in a flag

channel with support at 10.00 and over head resistance around 10.70. Lf a move out

of this channel and to new highs. Large cup & handle pattern

$DBD - Nice move to 29.00 Friday and now looking for a pull back or breakout move

towards 29.50's. 

$CC - Great trader and holding its trend. Great looking bull flag setup and we are

keeping on close watch. 

$TCK - Looked good for a breakout on Thursday but wasn't able to hold into Friday.

Looking for another shot and a hold of that 20 day sma as support. 

$AMD - We were able to sell 1/2 into resistance on Friday and looking for a another

continuation to get rid of our last half. Amazing trader so far and remains on the

watchlist for further setups. 

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