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Week of 2-22-16

The overall market had an awesome week with a strong three-day ramp. This ramp was enough to get me optimistic going into next week.

     We remain in this sideways channel between 1,950's resistance and 1,810's support. I by no means see a long-term bull market, but if the $SPX can get over our previous swing high at 1,930 I think we can see a push towards 1,950-1,960 and with strength maybe even a test up to 2,000. It's a "hope for the best, and expect the worst" type of market. Our support levels are Fridays low of 1,902 and the 20day sma at 1,893. Below these levels could take us back down to 1,800. 

     If we get lucky enough to see that breakout move, make sure your ready for it. Have a set risk before entering any trade and stick to your stops.

$SPX Daily Chart

$WMGI Coming off a recent flush, gives this one plenty of room to the upside. Another Bull Flag is set up with breakout potential over 17.55.This one in particular will need some market strength more than likely to see upside.


$DEPO Coming off recent lows and is attempting to break a 6-7 month downtrend. A Bull Flag breakout here could send us to test that 19.50's resistance area


$SUM After a 5 day ramp and over 5.00 worth of range this ones worth the watch. Putting in its high and making a picture perfect pull back right to our 20day sma and forming a dragon fly doji to signal the bottom to our pull back. Look for strength to come in on Monday and we could see a move back towards 18.50 over the next few days.



Check out the chart setups in our video here!


$AGRO One of my top performing stocks to trade right now and for good reasons. We've had multiple opportunities with great chart setups and big multi day breakouts that have given substantial range moves. Into next week we are watching for a possible formation of a Bull Flag and a breakout over our prior high at 13.08.


$TCK Just recently had a huge 3 day breakout from 3.80's to over 6.40 and is setting up again with a picture perfect Bull 
Flag and tight range to offer that perfect risk vs reward. A move back over 6.00 could push it to the 6.50-7.00 resistance area.


$QUOT We started watching this guy on 2-12-16 after it made a 2.00 move with big relative volume. We have since then pulled back nicely to create Bull Flag pattern and even broke to the top side on Friday. As this becomes a promising play for the short sellers, a move over our 9.50 high could really get a squeeze going. 


$CC This recently traded 30 million shares back on 1-29-16 giving us a reason to add it to our watchlist. A fairly recent IPO coming off its low and it seems that there's a big buyer. I'd like to see a move over 4.50 with a decent amount of volume. 


$BGG Briggs and Stratton  has been on a serious ramp since its low back on 1-15-16. Friday gave us a Bull Flag breakout over a 2 year resistance area around the 21.20's. Look for a continuation move over Fridays high of 21.39 with room to 23.00. 


$EIGI Brought in big relative volume with a large range breakout day on Thursday 2-18-16 with a 2.50 move. Fridays doji candle represents indecision and could bring us lower as it formed near the top. If we hold up and see a breakout over Thursdays high of 10.68 we could see a push up to 11.50's.

Swing Trading Watchlist

Swing Trading Watchlist

     The overall market has been on an awesome run over the last two weeks since the last time we updated on  2-22-16. With the $SPX acting almost exactly as we predicated we prepare for the week ahead.

     We have broken out of our current channel over $1950's and even seen our test up to $2,000 resistance area we were looking for. The market was filled with huge breakout plays and looks to be setup for another bull run. It is possible we may need some consolidation under $2,000 before we see our next breakout and a possible move towards $2,078.

     We continue to be optimistic with the markets and preparation seems to be the best formula for success right now. If you see a stock setting up it's important to not be afraid to pull the trigger, but remember to stick to your risk and trade plan as we are not in the clear yet. 


$ARIA Nice flag setting up after coming off its bottom. Would like to see support hold at $6.00 and a move towards $6.60. Had some really big moves in the past and a move over $6.60 could lead us up to $7.20 test.


$AGEN I like this setup giving a possible trend reversal. We've got our break above our down trend line and are looking to put in a higher low. We have strong resistance around $3.85 and a breakout of this resistance could show us a move towards $4.70 to $5.00.


$FIG Another setting up for a possible trend reversal play. Watching $4.85 for a breakout on the current flag setup. This breakout will also put us above our current down trend.  This one has room to $5.30's


LXRX extremely volatile and another bull flag setting up. LF $11.00 to hold as support  and a move back towards the gap fill at $12.00. 


$MACK An almost picture perfect bull flag setup. 5 day ramp and

consolidating above both 20 and 50 moving averages. Also testing its down

trend line. Great relative volume on Friday and were looking for a break

above $7.00.


$PDLI Daily flag is setting up. Good relative volume and large range.

LF move over $3.50 to give confirmation on a breakout with room to $4.00.


$RESI Very similar chart setup to $PDLI. Bull flag setup with a very tight

range giving a great risk vs reward on a breakout. LF move over $11.04 with

our first resistance area at $11.50's.


$TIME Inverted head and shoulder setting up with a possible trend reversal.

LF move back over $14.75's 



Check out the chart setups in our video here!

$SPX Daily Chart

Swing Trading Watchlist

Week of 3-14-16

$SPX Daily Chart

It was a mostly quiet week for the S&P 500. The first four days of the week were a consolidation period just under the $2,000 area as we mentioned we might need to see. The idea was to see a move and test up to $2,000 followed by a pull back or consolidation so we can get a decent push over that $2,000 area and that's just what we got.

     On Friday we finally got that push through $2,000 taking us all the way to $2022. We are now testing our down trend line formed off prior lower highs before the new year crash. I would like to see a push through this down trend and move up towards $2075 this week.

     The bulls continue to be in control and the markets are filled with tons of charts that are setup to make breakout moves. We need to keep in mind that up here we are at rejection levels and the markets could turn back down at any moment. Respect the market, stop loss's, and keep it safe. 

$AGEN We continue to watch this one as we made a nice pull back last week finding support around $3.65. We continue to hold above our down trend line and now look to be ready to make that move towards $4.70. Big relative volume on friday and im looking for that voume to continue into this week.


$ADXS This on has come down all the way from $30.00 and looks to be coming off a nice base. We just had a recent pop that brough us up to test the current down trend line. We've pulled back and look to be putting in a higher low with a nice hammer candle offering a great risk vs reward with a possible move back towards $9.50


$AEL Coming off a nice base and currently back above its 20day sma. Good relative volume and this one could see a push towards the 50day sma at around $16.50


$NPTN Nice 3 day ramp to end the week and a move back over $11.50 resistance area. We don't have a great risk vs reward on the current setup but I will definelty have this one on watch into next week to see if we get a better entry oppritunity


$NTCT Has lost almost 50% of its share price over the last 5-6 months and is putting in a beautiful base just under $20.00. With buyers stepping back in it possible to see more volume coming in and move back towards $21.00 if we can get back above 21.00 and hold we should have some room towards 50day sma around $23.00 ish.


$AMD Finding support off its 50day sma and making a move back over prior highs around 2.50's. Not the best entry way up here but this could offer some solid day trade oporrtunties and even attempt a move back up to $3.00.


$GSAT This ones all about the huge relative volume. With the recent move up to 1.50 and now the nice pull back to the 20day and 50day sma this one is setup with a great risk vs reward for a possible move back towards 1.60's



Swing Trading Watchlist

Week of 3-28-16

     It's been two weeks since our last update and the $SPX has since established a prominent  resistance area around 2,055. It has not yet made it to our last target of 2,075. 

     On Thursday we put in a beautiful hammer candle signaling a reversal off our current pull back. We have broken above our current down trend line and held it as support during the pull back, a perfect example of resistance turning to support. We have a lower support level below around 2007 and our current 20 day sma. The 50 day sma is beggining to curl up and that is typically a good sign. 


$SPX Daily Chart

 I'd like to see a test back up to 2055 next week and

maybe even that push to 2075 if we get can get some decent volume. The daily chart is set for a great entry and minimal risk vs maxium reward potential. If the $SPX can mantain momentum and makes it move up to 2075 there should be a lot of large range breakout stocks. 

$CBB Big relative volume and a large hammer candle catching support on 20 day sma. LF continuation move tomorrow up to 2.80's. Notice this stock is a lower range stock and you will need to adjust position size accordingly. 


$BETR Recently getting above and holding a major resistance area at 13.50's I think this one can be looking a steady move back towards it's IPO pricee at 17.00. Its currently overbought on the RSI but is also holding up very well. 20day sma and 50day sma are both trending up. 


$FRAN Currently building an ascending triangle with a resistance top at 19.50's to 19.65. Big relative volume Wednesday and Thursday and large range candles. I'd like to see a pull back or flag setup just under that resistance area for optimum entry. 


$HIFR Been consolidating for all of last week and put an engulfing candle on Friday testing its 20day sma. Through our 20 day could lead us right to our 50day sma currently sitting at 18.50. Tight range and good risk / reward. 


$IILG Consistently grinding up with great range. Consolidating under 14.00 and currently holding support on 20day sma. Tight range and great risk vs reward. If we get a solid push through 14.00 with good volume I'd be looking for continuation up to 15.50's  resistamce area.


$KBH Big volume coming in off the 20 day sma and a solid close above previous highs. Look for more volume into this week and some solid moves towards 14.50's and 15.15 resistance areas. Also note strength in the overall homebilder sector.


$LEN Perfect flag setup and currently holding support at 45.50 and previous broken resistance area. Lf green day for entry and risking around that 45.50 area or just below. 




Our next resistance area is going to be 2105 if we can clear this area with decent volume and strength it is very possible that we head back to all time highs and end this bear market scare and large correction. 

$RLYP Insane breakout on Thursday and putting in a decent Bull Flag. Huge relative volume and the stock is holding up quite well for the size of breakout that occurred. LF breakout continuation out of the daily flag formation. 


$SGYP This one is all about the big relative volume on Friday. More shares than its recently traded in the last 6 months and it looks primed for a large breakout over its 50 day sma. Strong resistance area from 3.80 to 4.00


$VSLR awful looking stock long term. But short term we have huge relative volume and a great flag setup that's testing the 20day sma. This one is worth having on watch for its next move higher. A move towards 5.00 is not impossible. 


$QLGC Friday we broke out of a major resistance area around 13.50's. Big relative volume and looking for continuation back through 14.50.

Swing Trading Watchlist

Week of 4-11-16

     $SPX has officially reached our target area of 2075. We are currently in pull back or cool off mode as expected after reaching a significant resistance area. We currently remain above our previous down trend line as it did hold as support back on 3-29-16. 

     We are at a key support area coming into next week off the current pull back. We need the 20 day sma to hold as support for confirmation of the continued bull trend that we have been on for the last two months. Below the 20 day sma is our prior low at 2022. If both of these support areas fail to hold up we could see a quick drop to our 50day sma at around 1975.

$SPX Daily Chart

Week of 4-18-16

Swing Trading Watchlist

      $SPX has now made it through the 2075 resistance area and forming a great looking bull flag. Notice how 2075 resistance area is now acting as support as the     $SPX pulls back and consolidates. 

     Going into next week we want to see a push towards 2100, our next resistance area. Getting above and through 2100 gets us that much closer to new highs. 

     Both 20 day and 50 day sma are trending up nicely. RSI is not over bought giving us plenty of room to the upside. Next week will prove to be interesting to see if the bulls can hold control even with recent threats to the oil market and possible near term down side. 

$SPX Daily Chart

$BW Recent IPO now sitting at all time highs around 22.00. Great relative volume and would like to see a pull back or consolidation tight range for entry. 


$ELGX Nice up trending stock above its 20 day and 50 day sma. LF pull back to 9.50's support for entry and then a move back towards 10.50.


$PTCT Huge relative volume! Resistance at 11.50's and then 16.50's. Lots of range to make up for especially if we continue to get large volume. 


$RPTP Coming out of a nice flag setup with good relative volume. Above both 20day and 50day sma. LF move towards 6.75


$TLN Favorite setup for this week. Just broke out of its pull back on Friday with huge relative volume. LF continuation breakout into next week. 


$UAN LF 50day sma to hold and a move back towards 9.00

Swing Trading Watchlist

Week of 4-25-16

We've made it to our 2100 resistance area and have now had time to pull back. We are holding all major support areas including 2075, 20day sma, 2055, and our 5oday sma and remain in a bullish trend. 

     Next week I'm looking for that move back through 2110. With the current dragon fly doji in place and the big volume we put in Friday, it feels like a bottom. However it is possible we see a pull back first to 2075 or our 20day sma. Our next major resistance area will be around 2135 and the S&P 500's all time highs.  

     Both our 20 day and 50day sma's are heading in an upward direction. The current RSI is not overbought giving us room the the upside. 

$SPX Daily Chart

$BGG - Large gap down and panic sell off. A lot of buyers took advantage of the panic and bought all the shares back returning the stock to high of day. Looks like this one could be headed back towards $23.00


$BLCM - Big relative volume and breaking out of a down trend. Nice Flag consolidation and 20 day sma crossing over 50day sma. LF move over 12.00


$BW - Trading near all time highs and large relative volume on Friday. Looks primed to breakout over 22.35


$KN - Ascending triangle breaking out. Big volume and through 14.00. LF breakout continuation and move towards 15.30's.


$PEB - Another ascending triangle play. Big volume and tight range day on Friday. Giving a great entry in anticipation of a breakout through 29.50.



Swing Trading Watchlist

Week of 5-2-16

     $SPX Has now given its first signal showing that it could be turning bearish since our major bull run began back in mid February. Our major support areas mentioned last week at 2075 and our 20day sma have broken down. Our 2055 major support area is barely hanging on. Below 2055 is 2030's support and our 50day sma. I don't want to jump to any conclusions but the markets are no looking to be in the bulls favor ending last week.  

     On the positive note we did form a nice Hammer candle off the 2055 support area to end last week. Coming into next week we really need to see a move back above 2075 and for our 2055 support area to continue to hold. 

Market Update, Swing Trading Watchlist

$SPX Daily Chart

$AAN - Held 50day sma as support LF move back towards 27.70's and the start of a long term gap fill.


$IILG - Huge relative volume on Friday. resistance area 14.20's to 14.30's. not often you get this much volume and this tight range. 


$ONB - Large engulfing candle closing at 13,40 resistance. Lf continuation move into next and a climb towards 14.00. Huge relative volume on Friday. Look set for a large breakout. 


$OZM - Had some big volume back on the move down towards 3.00. Consolidating nicely in a tight range and LF move through 50day sma and 4.00


$AREX - Great looking bull flag setup and trading some big volume. Slightly overbought on the RSI LF move back through 3.12


$HLTH - Trending up nicely and putting a nice dragonfly doji, and holding support just above its 20day sma. LF a move back to 4.50

$UAN - Setting up again nicely for a potential flag setup. Great volume and recently made the previous move we were looking for back to 9.00


$GRAM - Recently had some major breakouts with huge volume. Been consolidating for 2 weeks and has now established a lower high. Will look for a move back through 7.40's

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 5-9-16

     $SPX Had a slow to start to the week as the sell off continued. Testing a low of 2039 and piercing below our 50day sma for a brief moment on Friday. Just as things looked as if they could be making a turn for the worse, buyers showed up and pushed the $SPX back above its 50day sma for a solid close at 2057 to end the week. 

     This will mark the second week the $SPX has closed below its 20day sma since the bull run began back in mid February. It will be imperative that our 50day sma continues to hold going into next week. There are a lot of stock charts that have been consolidating with the markets and look ready to make their next moves higher. But remember as always anything can happen. I recommend trading cautiously and using smaller size until we get a solid confirmation of market direction.


$SPX Daily Chart

      Support areas to watching heading to into next week are our 50day sma currently sitting around 2045. Below that we have 2025 and it can get real dangerous below those levels. Current resistance area the market needs to work back towards are going to be 2075 and 2100. These two resistance areas are what currently stand between the $SPX and all time highs. 

$ATW - Just had a major breakthrough of 10.50 resistance area. LF continuation move towards 13,00 and then 14.00


$CLNE - Big relative volume coming in Friday with 20day and 50 day sma right on top of each other. Like to see a move back towards 3.50. 


$DRH - Nice engulfing candle with fair volume. LF break to the top side of our current down trend for possible trend reversal play. 


$FOE - Big volume Friday and a break of a major resistance area at 13.00. Testing 14.00 and looking for a breakout of that resistance next week. 


$MTZ - Larger volume and an even large hammer candle bouncing beautifully off the 50day sma and closing above our 20 day sma. LF move back towards 23.50's +

     $SPX Acted just the opposite as it did last week. We had a strong start to the week leading to positive out look and market optimism. The bulls produced a strong close on Tuesday putting us back above our 2075 resistance and reclaiming our 20 day sma. Things were finally starting to look up.

     Unfortunately by the end of trading on Wednesday the bulls had lost all control. Breaking back down below 2075 and closing back below the 20 day sma. The carnage didn't stop there, by end of trading Friday we gave up the 2055 support area and closed below our 50 day sma for the first time in over 2 months. 

     Overall market sentiment remains bearish going into next week. We have a current H&S pattern formed with the neckline support at 2040. If this neckline snaps and the $SPX breaks below we could see increased acceleration to the downside as people fear a major correction. Our next support areas will be 2,005 and 1950's below that. 

Swing Trading Watchlist, Market Update,

$SPX Daily Chart

$WMGI Big volume Friday coming off a trend line support area. LF a move back towards 19.70's major resistance. 


$SGMO Currently forming a nice Wedge pattern. LF a move back over 6.31 and then 6.75. Failure to get back above 6.31 could give a good short opportunity with risk at 6.75.


$MYCC Another forming a nice wedge pattern. Coming off its bottom support wall and looking for a move back towards 14.00


$BLDR Looks to be putting in a lower high around 11.80's. Falling back below the 20 day sma and this one could also be set for a decent short opp.


$ROVI Breaking down below a major support at 17.30 and now acting as a resistance area. Set for a good short opp if we fail to get above 17.30's


$LC Deserves a spot for a potential bounce play after being down big 5 days in a row.  


$PODD 7 days in a row red. LF potential bounce play off this over sold stock nearing $10 off its previous high. 


$SHLD 11 days red and worth a mention for a potential bounce play.


$WPG Been in a nice uptrend without much pull back and is now pulling back for 5 consecutive days and looks ready for a bounce off 50 day sma. 



Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 5-16-16

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 5-31-16

$SPX Has put in an obvious set of lower highs over the last few weeks as depicted in the chart to the right. Last week was huge for the $SPX as it began to break out of this set of lower highs and consolidation. The $SPX closed the week strong just under our 2100 resistance area and de-bunked the IH&S pattern  surely trapping some bears.   

     Bigger picture the $SPX has basically climbed straight up since mid February. Making a move from the low 1800's to 2100's. After a move like that you would expect a pull back, especially right before breaking out to new highs. The current pull back put a low around our 2020 support area, giving us about a 25% pull back. 

     2100 remains a major resistance area for me. Getting some closes above 2100 next week will be a major accomplishment and puts us right in front of 2130's and all time highs. We have reclaimed the 20day and 50day sma's and are looking for 20day to cross back above the 50 day. 

S&P 500, market update, swing trading watchlist

$SPX Daily Chart

$FFBC Has been consolidating below this 19.70 area for about a month now. reclaiming its 20 day sma and high relative volume make this chart looked primed for a breakout over 19.70's. 

$AMPH has been on a major ramp since its last earnings report on 5/9/16. Nice flag has formed just under 15.50 and looks like we broke out Friday. LF breakout continuation into next week and a move through 15.90. 

$ELNK Formed a nice ascending triangle with multi top resistance at 6.40. Friday we broke over 6.40 and are looking for a move to 7.00

$TDOC Has been trending down since its IPO about a year ago. It finally looks like it could be putting in a bottom and has a lot of upside potential. As we have closed above our 20day and 50 day sma I am looking for a move to 12.50

$UCBI Forming a large wedge and looking for a breakout with the large relative volume it has recently traded. 20.00 to 20.50 will be our major resistance range to watch. 

$WMS Solid trend holding 20day sma. Big volume and major close above 24.50 resistance. Lots of potential room to the top side. 

$YDKN Solid long term uptrend. Had a recent break out to all time highs with huge volume but failed to hold it. Pulled back staying above 25.80 support and want to see this move back towards 27.00.  

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 6-6-16

$SPX Daily Chart

$SPX We put a double bottom at 2085 as buyers quickly stepped in to buy any dips that occurred this week. That's a great sign for the bulls. 2100 remains the key resistance to break above at this time. 

     The broken H&S pattern has surely trapped some bears as they taunted for a market crash. Breaking above 2100 will force short covering and possibly be enough to push us to 2130's 

     Our 20day sma has crossed back above our 50day sma giving the signal of a possible up trend continuation. Breaking above 2100 should really get things moving and confirm that trend continuation. 

$FIG - Great wedge pattern formed longer term and on a great pull back consolidation short term. 20day and 50day sma's are headed in the right direction. Good relative volume Friday and looking for that to continue.


$WERN -  Big engulfing candle with high relative volume Friday. LF continuation to 50day sma at 25.66. Large range stock use caution. 

$CBB - LF big breakout over 4.00 major resistance area. Pulled back off recent rejection and looks to be set for another attempt. 

$TRIL - Watching 13.00 as major resistance area. Through that could lead us to a test of 15.00 Big volume last week LF that to continue. 

$AMD - LF a reversal off 4.00 support area to get on board for a move back towards 4.70's and possibly 5.00. 

$GRAM - Higher relative volume Friday and looks ready to break out of consolidation. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 6-13-16

$SPX Friday began a pretty big sell off that left us below 2100. 2100 was a major area I really wanted to hold above. Our next support area below will be 2075.

     We have our 20day sma which was broken on Monday not giving a good sign of any strength or a bounce.  Slighty below is our 50day sma right around our 2075 support area. 

     If the 50day sma becomes broken and you have sma's rolling over it may be a good time to take some capital out of the markets and sit on the sidelines till things settle down. 

$SPX Daily Chart

$FMSA - Flag pennant setting up. LF a break out to top side or a pull back to 20day sma. 

$CLF - Forming nice Cup & Handle pattern with resistance at 5.50 20 day sma crossing above 50 day sma. Good relative volume. 

$GALE - Gapped over a major resistance at 1.80 Watching for 2.30 retest

$HCLP - Another Strong Bull Flag setting up in a strong sector. 11.85's key resistance. 

$FSM - Nice up trend and finding resistance at 6.70. LF pull back for Cup & Handle pattern. 

$OLLI - May be breaking down below current up trend line. However hasn't yet so going to watch for potential move back towards 26.00

$ROVI - LF possible trend reversal setup if 15.00 can hold as support. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 6-20-16

$SPX Continues range bound unable to get back above 2100. Big relative volume Friday so should see a solid move on Monday up or down to dictate which direction we continue.

     Support areas that are key to hold at this time are 2075 and 2055. There has been buyers showing up at these levels and pushing the $SPX back up. 

     Resistance areas to get above remain at 2100. We gave this 2100 up last Friday and were unable to recover it this week. 2100 stands between $SPX and new highs. 

     20 day and 50 day sma are still trending in the right direction. We have fallen below them and it will be vital to reclaim these into next week. 

      Strong Sectors: Utilities, Industrial Goods, & Basic Materials.

S&P 500 Stock Market Update

$SPX Daily Chart

$BCOR - Technology: Large move back in late April. Consolidating in channel now with good relative volume on Friday. LF a strong move over 9.00

$EXAS - Healthcare: No Overnight Holds. Setup for potential short squeeze. LF move over 11.00 on Monday to start it. $12-$18 not unrealistic

$GSM - Basic Materials: Large Wedge Big Volume. LF continuation into Monday with a move back towards 50day

$LSCC - Technology: Nice daily wedge, Good volume on Friday and looking for a breakout into next week. Resistance 6.40's and 6.85's

$NVAX - Healthcare: Made a nice move from 4..30's to just under 7.00. Consolidating now and holding 6.50's support. LF move to top side of consolidation. 

$NYLD - Utilities: Engulfing candle near 14.80's support on big relative volume. LF a move back to top of channel and towards 16.70's

$ORBC - Technology: Nice buying volume coming on Friday. Looks primed for a break out of this 2 month consolidation. 

$SEMG - Basic Materials: Nice up trending stock with a large engulfing candle on pull back to trend line support. Huge volume and ready to make move towards 32.60

$TERP Utilities: Coming off major support around 7.20 with buying. Good volume Friday and looking for continuation move towards 20 day sma. around 8.40

$TXMD - Healthcare: Up trending stock on pull back. Engulfing candle with good volume coming off trend line support. 

Swing Trading Watchlist & Market Update

Week of 6-27-16

$SPX Is left with uncertainty and fear as the Brexit vote passing leaves the market with a large sell off. While I think this sell off is an over reaction, that doesn't mean we can't go lower. 

      Naturally it feels like the market is going to see some downward follow through into Monday. You have a large red bar closing near its bottom, with large relative volume. Is there any reason people shouldn't be more panicked right now?

     Best advice is cash is a position and sometimes the best position in volatile markets. If you must trade flock towards the stocks with relative strength and ones that weren't largely affected by the market volatility. 

      Strong Sectors: 

$CLNE -  Good volume and put a nice hammer candle. Coming off bottom trend support. First area resistance is 20 day sma. 

$EXAS - Really strong on Friday and closed above 11.50. Keeping on watch for squeeze potential. 

$FMSA - LF confirmation move over $8.00

$MYCC - Big volume and holding up. Looking for a move to stop side of new defined wedge. 

$ONVO - Strong trending chart, interested in a solid move with volume over 3.50

$TERP - Held 7.20 support and held up decently against the markets. Big volume LF a move over 50day sma 9.20

$BCOR - Idea last week over 9.50. Held very well and trading good volume. Think it has a shot at testing 10.70's. Lock profits early in this type of market. 

$ORBC - Big volume stepped in and bought this one almost all the way back to its highs. LF continuation through 10.00 again lock profits. 1/2 or 1/3 scale out. especially in this market. 

Week of 3-7-16

$SPX Daily Chart

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